Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates

Commercial Real Estate Loan RatesMuch like the residential mortgage market, commercial real estate loan rates vary based on the individual characteristics of each loan.

If you have a lot of equity, a strong credit profile and a turnkey property, you should receive the best loan terms.

But, don’t worry, if you do not fit into this credit grade, there are still loan programs that can help you.

Here are the basic areas in which commercial lenders are concerned:

  • Property Type and Use
  • Property Condition
  • Equity Position / Loan-to-Value
  • Credit / Financial Strength (Individual, LLC or Corp.)
  • Debt Service (cash flow)
  • Occupancy
  • Reserves

If you and your property are not very strong in some of these areas, we have alternative programs that will allow you to qualify.

Unlike the big banks that are primarily looking to lend to borrowers with perfect credit, tons of assets and trophy properties, we specialize in providing alternative loan program to help investors, developers and business owners get the financing they need.

Our Alternative loan programs don’t require income or asset verification, perfect credit or a “trophy” type property. We allow credit scores down to 500 (lower in some cases), stated income and reduced documentation options.

Apartment buildings and most commercial property types are accepted.

We work directly with some of the largest nationwide wholesale commercial mortgage bankers to offer the best commercial real estate loan rates.

Once we know a little bit about your project and what you would like to accomplish, we will provide you with a detailed quote with the proposed loan terms.

Are you ready to see how our alternative commercial real estate loan programs can help you?

Just give us a call at 800-607-1941 or complete the form to get started.

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